A documentary film list about social change.

Recent Additions

I Am Greta [2020]


Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old student in Sweden, started a school strike for the climate as her question for adults was, if you don’t care about my future on earth, why should I care about my future in school? Within months, her strike evolved into a global movement as the quiet teenage girl on the autism spectrum becomes a world-famous activist.

Seeds of Hope: Under the Shadow [2013]

Africa Feminism

In a corner of Eastern Congo one woman puts herself at risk everyday to help thousands of Congolese rape survivors embark on a journey of healing. Seeds of Hope tells the story of Masika, herself the victim of multiple rapes, who runs a centre that helps other rape survivors and children born from rape come to terms with what they have lived through.

La revolución y la tierra [2019]


The long struggle for land sought to break down that wall between masters and servants that continues to divide Peru to this day. However, the 1969 Agrarian Reform law marked a before and after in the faces and official histories of our country, a profound change that Peruvian cinema managed to reflect and encapsulate in some of its most notable films.